mophie Helps Girl Scouts Go Tech

mophie helps the girl scouts go tech

Are you stoked about Girl Scout Cookies? We are. We really are. Not just because of the troop leaders amongst our staff. Not because of the many delicious cookie flavors available, and not because of our insatiable appetite for thin mints. We’re stoked because we get the opportunity to make a dramatic impact on the Girl Scouts of the USA.

Are you wondering how? You’re probably wondering how.

This weekend a sampling of Girl Scout troops in San Diego will be using our mophie marketplace payment solution for iPhone to accept all major credit cards instead of only cash or checks. (You’re going to have to come up with a new excuse the next time they come to your door, eh?)

Girl Scouts are surprisingly shrewd negotiators, because they somehow talked us into DONATING the technology to ten troops in San Diego! Oh well, at least they were cute…

Additionally, here are some benefits the troops will be able to experience through the technology we’re donating:

* Increased Sales (our tests have shown troops increasing sales up to 175% by using this technology)

* Safe and easy money handling and management. The troops won’t have to suffer the burden of carrying so much cash.

* We’re teaching the girls valuable lessons about entrepreneurship and credit

So what are YOU doing to help the Girl Scouts? If nothing else, you could at least share this story! If you are in San Diego stop by to see them in action – – and you could walk away with a FREE mophie juice pack! Click to learn how >>

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