Scientists Develop the Smallest (Possible) Nanowire Battery Yet

With battery technology on the up-and-up lately, it’s not hard to imagine that researchers might hit a proverbial “smallest” barrier when it comes to developing batteries based on nanowire technology. To put things in perspective, the release states that “a nanometer is a billionth of a meter, thousands of times smaller than a human hair” meaning that such batteries could most probably be used in nanotechnologies and other gadgetry of the future.
As described by those researching the technology at Rice University, “The Rice lab of Professor Pulickel Ajayan has packed an entire lithium ion energy storage device into a single nanowire, as reported this month in the American Chemical Society journal Nano Letters. The researchers believe their creation is as small as such devices can possibly get, and could be valuable as a rechargeable power source for new generations of nanoelectronics.”
One issue facing researchers at this point, however, is that their ability to repeadedly charge and discharge the battery is dropping off at around 20 cycles, making it non-viable for things like consumer electronics or anything with repeat usage.

Source: Engadget via Rice University Press Release

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